3 Steps To Improving Your Writing Efficiency

The term ‘writer’ can be found in a whole host of job titles today, arguably more than ever before.  And one of the main reasons behind this is that content plays an important role in the success of any digital strategy, meaning that if an organisation wants to see as many conversions as they possibly can or extend their brand reach considerably, they need to be utilising the services of a knowledgeable and experienced writer.

Now whilst writers are undoubtedly popular and in-demand, one of the aspects of being a writer that we know many struggle with is efficiency – there’s a huge amount of work out there, but if you’re not working in the most efficient way possible, you’re unable to truly take full advantage of it.

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How We Moved From Envelope To E-Mail

It is often said that people don’t write letters any more, not like they used to in the old days, and to a point that is true. Up until relatively recently, every one wanting to make contact with another person would do it by letter, that’s just how it was.

Millions of letters were written with love and affection from loved ones far away fighting for King and country and were a constant source of comfort to those left at home.  That was the only way that any sort of contact could be maintained between friends and families.

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Can Anyone Become A Great Writer?

A book, pair of glasses and cup of coffeeEvery one of us comes up against tasks and challenges that we don’t feel properly equipped to carry out. While in truth everyone has certain ‘blind spots’, it can still be endlessly frustrating to find yourself unable to do something that it seems everyone else can carry off with ease.

Many people feel this way about writing, and especially formal, long-form writing. Most of us can probably dash off a quick email to a colleague or post on social media all day if we’re so inclined. And then it comes time to write a real letter to a company or perhaps an MP, and it seems everything you ever learned about writing has suddenly been forgotten.

Is there hope? That is to say, could you become really accomplished at writing if you practised and set your mind to it? Or is it time to accept that it’s just one of those things you’ll never be able to master?

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3 Clichés You Should Avoid In Your Writing

Old bookNo matter what you’re writing – whether a letter, an essay or a novel – you will want to appear as informed and well-read as you can. If your reader gets the impression you don’t have confidence in what you’re writing, they probably won’t think too highly of what you have to say.

If you’re going to prove to your reader that you’re worth their time, one of the things you’ll have to do is show that you are able to avoid some of the most-used clichés – phrases, topics or approaches that have been done too many times to make reliably engaging material any more.

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How To Overcome Writer’s Block

A blank notebookIt happens to almost every writer now and then. Even literary giants, from Shakespeare to Pratchett, have found themselves on occasion simply unable to put any words on the page.

People in every profession have off days, when their heart just isn’t in it – but unlike those in many other industries, it’s difficult to just plough through the day regardless. If inspiration isn’t flowing, there’s simply very little you can actually get done that day.

If you’re a writer, you probably know what we’re talking about. But instead of just going back to bed, there are a number of practical techniques you can use for working around it and getting your creative juices flowing again.

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Is Perfect Grammar Really That Important?

Menu Grammar Check

Menu Grammar Check (Photo credit: tdstone)

We’ve all got those friends who, when we put a message up on Facebook that isn’t strictly grammatically correct, ignore the purpose of the message and decide to correct the errors – you may even be that type of person yourself!

In these instances, when you’re using Facebook on a personal basis, as annoying as it can be to not use correct grammar, the reality is it’s not that important if you make the occasional mistake. It’s only your friends that are going to see it and the worst that will happen will be the above, where you get someone correcting your errors.

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When Should You Consider Using A Letter-Writing Service?

English: Photo of American poet William Cullen...

English: Photo of American poet William Cullen Bryant leaning over a desk and writing while holding his forehead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to writing an official letter, whether it’s to complain to a business or petition your MP, it’s often the case that the well-written and structured letters get the best results. Of course, each complaint or appeal should be judged on its own merits, but as it turns out, the way in which the argument is presented counts for a lot.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be good at everything, and writing is no different. You might think about using a professional letter-writing firm to help you in a variety of circumstances.

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